In 90 Minutes: $120
Out 60 Minutes: $100
Out 90 Minutes: $140
Street Address 1220 N. Broad Street
City Philadelphia
ZIP/Postal Code 19121
State Pennsylvania
Country United States
Phone 267-252-7658

My professional, therapeutic sessions help:​- Reduce stress and/or anxiety that lead to headaches, muscular tension & trigger points- Manage and eliminate pain and tension of the body: neck, shoulders, lower back, etc…- Increase range of motion, support your exercise routine or the lack of it – Cope with depression, PTSD, fibromyalgia, drug withdrawal (instead of medicating)- Amplify the results of talk therapies by integrating the emotional and physical healing via somatic therapy – Promote relaxation and positive imaging to allow the overall physical and mental well-being. I’m an Experienced, Advance licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker, My practice is designed to help you with musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. This can be from an accident or injury, chronic overuse or repetitive strain from daily activities or just the effects of poor posture. The goal is to eliminate the pain and help you develop “self-help” strategies to remain pain-free and vital. Some examples of conditions I treat are whiplash, neck pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, headaches, back pain, shoulder dysfunction, hip pain, carpal tunnel, “sciatica” and TMJ dysfunction. NMT utilizes specific massage and myofascial techniques to treat acute or chronic pain and biomechanical dysfunction by considering and addressing ischemia (lack of blood flow in muscles), trigger points (points that refer pain, tingling or numbness to other areas), neural interference (compression or entrapment of nerves), posture and biomechanics dysfunction. I love working in 90 to 120-minute Sessions absolutely love this work, and can’t wait to meet with you! “Studio Rates” (60 min. $80) — (90 min. $120) — (120 min. $160) “Mobile Rates” *Hotel or Home* (60 min. $100) — (90 min. $140) — (120 min. $180)

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