Greek Spartan 3000 Male Massage Houston

In 90 Minutes: $110
Out 60 Minutes: In only
Out 90 Minutes: In only
Street Address 3045 Marina Bay Drive
City Houston
ZIP/Postal Code 77573
State Texas
Country United States
Phone 409-789-9132

Athletic and intuitive LMT offering male massage in Houston. Male Massage is uniquely a mans,occupation since men tailored massage in Greece 3000 years ago, to meet the needs of each injured or mentally stressed man in tge mans man world of that age. Of course I am open to all races and body types, both men and women. Each massage features, steamer warmed smooth stones hand picked by me from the Guadeloupe River in New Braunfels, Tx, plus 2 small smooth lava stones for a deeper level of service to the message I intend for the compliment of release of facia connective tissues in depth reaching. I use these stones as accurate cranial /sacral tools for maximum effect on tight trigger point areas of distress and pain. I then use streamed organic aromatic raw/ rough exfoliating Lithuanian Linen textile hand towels to pamper you as a Regal and Noble Greek citizen required in the ancient times of The Gods of Mt. Olympians lore. My Greek teaching from the texts of Hypocrates “The Father Of Medicine ” will be the first of all cures available in that day for physical and emotional healing. My Greek Massage Studio offers a relaxing ambiance that allows you to let go and lose yourself in my specific intent in touch. Timothy means in Greek Latin “Honoring God” . I welcome you to know about the original message post to massage therapy.It has no power of attorney anymore and you will be rid of tension and your body will feel renewed again. Don’t believe me? Try it out and I am glad to hear from you the next morning from the land of THE GODS OF OLYMPIA!

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