Mixed Massage Arts

In 90 Minutes: 160
Out 60 Minutes: 160
Out 90 Minutes: 200
Street Address 2300 Lavista Woods Dr
City Tucker
ZIP/Postal Code 30084
State Georgia
Country United States
Phone 404-668-3123

Drawing on influences from Thai, shiatsu, Turkish, Swedish and more, my massage is both deep and comfortable. I have worked with athletes, chiropractors, and plenty of regular folks with chronic tension that other masseurs have been unable to alleviate. Compression stretching is the most effective way to really work the lactic acid thoroughly from muscle tissue, and when its employed by someone with intuitive touch and over 13 years of hands on experience nothing else can compare to the results you will get. Over the years I’ve been lucky to have many great clients who give me continuous feedback so that I can hone my skills and provide the best long-term benefits without any pain.

I am trained and experienced in a WIDE variety of techniques so I invite you to tailor the massage to your liking. There is no standard routine as everyone’s needs are different. You have the choice of either my thick, comfortable foam massage mat or table. You can choose that the focus be on relaxation, deep muscle work, relaxing touch or any mixture. I do not use painful finger pressure techniques such as trigger point therapy: pinching and poking at knots and inflammation with bony fingers and elbows. Expect my studio & home to be clean, neat & professional; candles & Pandora music help set the mood. Walk-in rain shower also available both before and after. Any great massage begins by warming up the muscle, and what could be better for full body warming than a rain shower?

My primary massage style is Thai, along with a select mixture of Shiatsu & Turkish techniques. I use my body weight & blunt pressure applied primarily by my hands, feet, forearms, glutes, & knees. I perform deep compressions, muscle inhibitions, and I use a body lubricant and perform a firm effleurage where necessary. I employ slow but firm rocking, rolling, & circular motions to essentially stretch out the deep tightness all around the hip & shoulder joints, as well as the back, neck, legs & arms. I work all areas of tension fully, including some tight areas most people don’t even realize they have. These are real, effective techniques not some amateur pinching & poking at your knots until they are sore & inflamed. Some Thai techniques can be uncomfortable, my massage is NEVER uncomfortable, I believe that “painful massage” is an oxymoron.

I blend deep but comfortable techniques from Thai, Shiatsu, Turkish and other modalities to create cross-fiber frictions and myofascial release. I primarily work on a thick foam massage mat and get on top to better utilize my weight by employing compression stretching, slow tempo rocking and rolling motions, deep effleurage and muscle inhibitions.

Thanks for checking me out. Available most days from noon to midnight. Text is the best way to reach me short notice.

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