Paradise Massage

In 90 Minutes: 180:00
Out 60 Minutes: 150:00
Out 90 Minutes: 220:00
ZIP/Postal Code 75062
State Texas
Country United States
Phone 325-232-0882

You are suffering from Lumbar herniated, Lower back pain, Chronic neck pain, caused by spine System, disc slipped ( S1-S5) to Buttock, Tights, Neck, Shoulder, Tri-angle muscles nuts on Both your shoulder from left to right. This physical pain leads to mental pain, stressful depression disorder .Therefore, You need to HEAL by Massage technique. I do a combination of Shiatsu(Japanese Technique), Thai(Thailand), and Asian-Oriental(Chinese,Koreans, Vietnamese)) such as Trigger points massage. Acupressure points, Stretching to heal and Rebalance the body, Energize Meridians system and improve harmony, release your stress, reduce tension headaches, healing your pain.
I guaranty and promise that you will ever feel amazing with my massage technique and styles.
In my studio, I use BED-FRAME-SHIATSU- MAT for this technique.I Use my Thumbs, Hands, Elbows, Knees,Feet, is applied to press points on your body, toes, feet, legs, thighs, Butt, lower back, Back, shoulder, arms, hands, and fingers.
Specially, I do acupressure to work on your head, neck, and face. After doing this, you feel release all your stress, head-ach and symptoms of sinus.
Additionally, The part of stretching on your legs, back, lower back, and neck to balance your body.
Now,” Let Trying, Seeing, and believing the Goodness of the Paradise massage by peter.”

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