Out 60 Minutes: $100
Out 90 Minutes: $120
Street Address 1648 n damen
City Chicago
ZIP/Postal Code 60647
State Illinois
Country United States
Phone 312-887-9630

Thanks for checking my page. My name is izzy. How I got in the massage world back in 2013 was crazy. I was actually working as a chef. Love the culinary world. But always had a separate passion for the arts of body work, alleviating pain, healing source with the finger tips, I utilize this power source so intriguing and unique to my advantage and ease the tensions, relaxing the layers of tissue, sinking to the tendons and riding the muscles from spasms, trigger points and aches. The mind is a very powerful source, in fact the most powerful organ yet how I use mine in my everyday life is a One Of A Kind Relaxer, as how I use it in tact with Massage. I have been doing Massage now for the past 5 years now and as a Licensed Massage Therapist I have very extensive flow in this business. I really care if anybody’s treatment once your in my presence. I believe the only treatment is With Organic oils. Anything USDA Organic certified. Before the chemical world and manipulating science to those high in power, An organic world existed, were products, vitamins, enzymes, true source of enrichment food cultivated every farm from every state and region. Us not having the right source to get enlightened and knowing whats true or not, got us to be asleep. I’m here to awakened that source, our bodies are Organic meaning one source, one life, one creator, one mother, one father, one of us no other soul is identical to us. Were are unique. I generate my own oils. My base oils are organic sunflower oil which has some Vitamin E in it. And I mix it with the desired organic essential oil of your choice. (Peppermint, eucalyptus, lavander, lemongrass, lemon, frankinscine,& vetiver) all organic certified. See Massage is not just touching. Rubbing. Watching the clock pass by and tweak the treatment and skip the clients pains. I take care and utilize the timing to get rid of pain with the mixture of the best organic oils and essential oil. I travel with my essential oil machine, and being also a certified Aromatherapist, I know so much of this world even before I thought I was going to be Culinary Arts Chef owning my own restaurant. Life has a twist of a ride once you let it sink and realize your here more then just living then dying but Enjoying and finding your true self for an enrichment, im here to be that seed to uplift you to your very best. I’m a very sincere guy. Will tell you so much truth of the REAL HEALTH WORLD. From healing my sister from colon cancer. The list goes on. I believe I was put in this world to heal, beyond the touch. Every client is a blessing for I learn more of myself within. I hope found a peace of what you were looking for in my page and book a massage soon. I do more outcalls. And travel from north side of Chicago to downtown, south side, if your visiting for business and staying downtown hotel, one time massages, I’m here. Therapist izzy 312-887-9630 you can text me or call me don’t hesitate. Your life is important and I make sure I won’t waste your time in this life of healing & expanding in knowledge…


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