Traditional Chinese tuina

In 90 Minutes: $110
Street Address 230 E 52st
City New York
ZIP/Postal Code 10022
State Shanghai
Country China
Phone 646-996-9030

Stephen Yang is a practitioner of tuina. also known as Traditional Chinese Massage. Although Tuina is used to treat the muscles and joints, its primary goal is to improve the circulation of energy or ch’i in the body. Treatment involves working with the body’s energetic meridians as well as muscles, joints and tendons. It incorporates the traditional diagnosis and treatment strategy of Chinese medicine as well.

A typical session takes about one hour, and involves a variety of therapeutic techniques, including shiatsu and Swedish massage, as well as techniques that are traditional to Shanghai. Stephen’s application of full-budy techniques promotes deep relaxation while alleviating pain and fatigue. Tuina has also been found to increase body flexibility while improving immune levels. Over the years, Stephen has worked extensively with individuals with special needs, including office workers, executives, dancers, athletes, and people who have recently left the hospital due to accident or illness.

Stephen Yang graduated with honors in 1992 from the Yui Yang Hospital College in Shanghai, one of China’s most prestigious schools of Chinese Medicine. Since that time, he has served as resident massage therapist at the Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai, and also taught massage therapy both in China and Saipan. he presently maintains a massage therapy practice in New York City.


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