Two Sides of the Coin

Out 60 Minutes: 225
Street Address 34th Street & Park Avenue
City NY
ZIP/Postal Code 10016
State New York
Country United States
Phone 631-319-0889

My clients say that I don’t fit the mold of others on this site. “You’re like two sides of a coin,” they say (my 5 photos attached give proof to that). On the one hand there’s the tough, masculine look (dedicated gym rat, muscled, inked, pierced, Ducati motorcycle rider). Then there’s the surprising flip side of the coin: I’m a classical, concert pianist, intelligent and cultured, who loves music and art. I’m equally “at home” on a concert stage wearing a tux as I am in gym gear, smoking a cigar or guzzling a protein shake. As someone who trains hard I understand the importance of relieving the tension and stress of hard workouts–and of daily life. I enjoy receiving bodywork (which I get frequently) but I also enjoy offering my unique brand of bodywork to others as well. So relax, place yourself in my hands and let me take care of you like never before. My style is very hands-on, based on the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi technique, with long sweeping strokes, full and constant contact and relaxing deep pressure throughout the entire experience. Literally, you will feel like you’re being worked on by more than one person. I’m very much in charge and the more you can relax and surrender, the more enjoyable your experience will be. I believe that an exchange of masculine energy and touch is crucial. If you’re squeamish about touch, then I’m probably “not your guy.” The experience is undoubtedly strong, masculine, and nurturing and you’ll soon discover that my number one priority is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. My skills are offered to everyone: men, women, straight, bi, or gay massage, m4m, and m4f, and everyone in between. I’m one of the few on this site offering bodywork to women as well, and I also enjoy the straight couples I have as clients. Body type, gender, age, race or creed doesn’t matter to me at all. I’m comfortable with who I am and with who you are; and I hope you will be too. 🙂 For outcalls your bed will work just as well as a table. For incalls (daytime) I work out of a very comfortable penthouse at 34th Street & Park Avenue, where I have a professional table. Visitors to NYC are welcome and I do A LOT of hotel bodywork, so I’m happy to come to you if you wish. Cash accepted. But don’t take my word alone. I invite you to read my reviews and hear what others say about their experiences. Above all, be prepared to be pampered like never before.

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